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  1. Mar·tín A·lon·zo [mahr-teen ah-lawn-thaw] /mɑrˈtin ɑˈlɔn θɔ/, c1440–93?, and his brother, Vi·cen·te Yá·ñez [bee-then-te yah-nyeth] /biˈθɛn tɛ ˈyɑ nyɛθ/, c1460–1524?, Spanish navigators with Christopher Columbus.
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Historical Examples of pinzon

  • While on the coast of Cuba, Pinzon, the commander of the Pinta, deserted him.

    Introductory American History

    Henry Eldridge Bourne

  • Pinzon, as we have said, did not know about the sudden rising of the tide.

  • This was in 1540, many years, as you see, after Pinzon and Cabral had anchored at the mouth.

  • Pinzon anchored in the mouth of the river, and found the natives peaceful.

  • It may be of interest to know what befell Pinzon after he left the mouth of the Amazon.

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  1. Martín Alonzo (marˈtin aˈlɔnθo). ?1440–93, Spanish navigator, who commanded the Pinta on Columbus' first expedition (1492–93), which he abandoned in a vain attempt to be the first to arrive back in Spain
  2. his brother, Vicente Yáñez (biˈθente ˈjaɲɛθ). ?1460–?1524, Spanish navigator, who commanded the Niña on Columbus' first expedition (1492–93)
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