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Origin of pipe

before 1000; (noun) Middle English, Old English pīpe musical pipe, tube (cognate with Dutch pijp, Low German pīpe, German Pfeife, Old Norse pīpa) < Vulgar Latin *pīpa, derivative of Latin pīpāre to chirp, play a pipe; (v.) Middle English pipen; in part continuing Old English pīpian to play a pipe < Latin pīpāre; in part < Old French piper to make a shrill sound < Latin pīpāre (cf. peep2)

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British Dictionary definitions for pipe up

pipe up

verb (intr, adverb)

to commence singing or playing a musical instrumentthe band piped up
to speak up, esp in a shrill voice


/ (paɪp) /



See also pipe down, pipe up

Derived Formspipeless, adjectivepipy, adjective

Word Origin for pipe

Old English pīpe (n), pīpian (vb), ultimately from Latin pīpāre to chirp


/ (paɪp) /


a large cask for wine, oil, etc
a measure of capacity for wine equal to four barrels. 1 pipe is equal to 126 US gallons or 105 Brit gallons
a cask holding this quantity with its contents

Word Origin for pipe

C14: via Old French (in the sense: tube, tubular vessel), ultimately from Latin pīpāre to chirp; compare pipe 1

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Word Origin and History for pipe up
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Science definitions for pipe up


[ pīp ]

A vertical cylindrical vein of ore.
See volcanic pipe.
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Idioms and Phrases with pipe up

pipe up

Speak up, as in Finally she piped up, “I think I've got the winning ticket,” or Pipe up if you want more pancakes. This term originally referred to a high, piping tone. [Mid-1800s]


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