[ pip-in ]

  1. any of numerous roundish or oblate varieties of apple.

  2. Botany. a seed.

Origin of pippin

1250–1300; Middle English pipin, variant of pepin<Old French

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How to use pippin in a sentence

  • And the upshot of it all was that the story was more than a peach; it was a pippin.

    From Place to Place | Irvin S. Cobb
  • "Miss Isobel's a pippin," said Quin, in a tone that implied a compliment.

    Quin | Alice Hegan Rice
  • Chauncey was over fifty then, and wizened up like a late pippin that has been out overnight in an early frost.

  • There the fugitive pippin, swimming in water not of the purest, and bobbing from the expanded lips of the juvenile Tantalus.

  • The chaplain sighed; he was glad, heartily glad, that pippin was "out," but he would miss him sadly; everybody would miss him.

    Pippin; A Wandering Flame | Laura E. Richards

British Dictionary definitions for pippin


/ (ˈpɪpɪn) /

  1. any of several varieties of eating apple with a rounded oblate shape

  2. the seed of any of these fruits

Origin of pippin

C13: from Old French pepin, of uncertain origin

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