[pi-sahy-nuh, pi-see-]

noun, plural pis·ci·nae [pi-sahy-nee, pi-see-] /pɪˈsaɪ ni, pɪˈsi-/. Ecclesiastical.

a basin with a drain used for certain ablutions, now generally in the sacristy.

Origin of piscina

1590–1600; < Medieval Latin, special use of Latin piscīna a fish pond, swimming pool, equivalent to pisc(is) fish + -īna, feminine of -īnus -ine1
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noun plural -nae (-niː) or -nas

RC Church a stone basin, with a drain, in a church or sacristy where water used at Mass is poured away
Derived Formspiscinal (ˈpɪsɪnəl), adjective

Word Origin for piscina

C16: from Latin: fish pond, from piscis a fish
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