[ pis ]
/ pɪs /


verb (used without object), pissed, piss·ing.

to urinate.

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Origin of piss

1250–1300; Middle English pissen < Old French pissier < Vulgar Latin *pisiāre (imitative)

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British Dictionary definitions for piss off

piss off

verb (adverb) slang

(tr; often passive) to annoy, irritate, or disappoint
(intr) mainly British to go away; depart, often used to dismiss a person


/ (pɪs) slang /


(intr) to urinate
(tr) to discharge as or in one's urineto piss blood


Word Origin for piss

C13: from Old French pisser, probably of imitative origin

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Word Origin and History for piss off
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Idioms and Phrases with piss off

piss off


Make very angry, as in That letter pissed me off, or She was pissed off because no one had called her. [Vulgar slang; 1940s]


Go away, as in Piss off and stop bothering me. [Vulgar slang; mid-1900s]

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