[ pee-tuh ]
/ ˈpi tə /


a fiber obtained from plants of the genera Agave, Aechmea, etc., used for cordage, mats, etc.
any of these plants.

Origin of pita

1690–1700; < American Spanish < Quechua pita or Aymara p’ita

Definition for pita (2 of 2)

[ pee-tah, -tuh ]
/ ˈpi tɑ, -tə /


a round, flat Middle Eastern bread that is often filled with meat, peppers, etc., to make a sandwich.

Origin of pita

1950–55, Americanism; < Modern Greek pētta, pitta bread, cake, pie
Also called pita bread.
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British Dictionary definitions for pita

/ (ˈpiːtə) /


any of several agave plants yielding a strong fibreSee also istle
a species of pineapple, Ananas magdalenae, the leaves of which yield a white fibre
Also called: pita fibre the fibre obtained from any of these plants, used in making cordage and paper

Word Origin for pita

C17: via Spanish from Quechua
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