pitching pennies

  1. a gambling game in which pennies are tossed to a mark or against a wall, the winner being the person whose penny lands closest to the mark or wall.

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How to use pitching pennies in a sentence

  • Over by the elm in front of the Princetonian Office were four seniors pitching pennies and looking very much in earnest over it.

    Princeton Stories | Jesse Lynch Williams
  • That young gentleman was engaged in pitching pennies with a brother professional.

    The Telegraph Boy | Horatio Alger, Jr.
  • He preferred to spend his leisure time in playing marbles or pitching pennies.

    The Telegraph Boy | Horatio Alger, Jr.
  • The hall is dark and you might stumble over the children pitching pennies back there.

    How the Other Half Lives | Jacob A. Riis
  • Mr. Barnes paused a moment to reprove a couple of urchins who were pitching pennies on the sidewalk.

    Paul the Peddler | Horatio Alger, Jr.