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[pith-i-kan-thruh-puh s, -kuh n-throh-puh s]
  1. a former genus of extinct hominids whose members have now been assigned to the proposed species Homo erectus.
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Origin of Pithecanthropus

< New Latin (1891) < Greek píthēk(os) ape + ánthrōpos man
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Historical Examples of pithecanthropus

  • Nevertheless, even in Pithecanthropus, the brute is passing into the man.

    Progress and History


  • The famous Eppelsheim femur is straighter than, and as slender as that of Pithecanthropus.

    Prehistoric Man

    W. L. H. Duckworth

  • The remains of Pithecanthropus were recovered from an alluvial deposit at Trinil.

    Prehistoric Man

    W. L. H. Duckworth

  • Maybe Pithecanthropus had a monkey uncle, but no Pithecanthropus ever went monkey.

    This World Is Taboo

    Murray Leinster

  • Pithecanthropus (of Java) branched off as a distinct genus about the middle of the Miocene.

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noun plural -pi (-ˌpaɪ)
  1. any primitive apelike man of the former genus Pithecanthropus, now included in the genus HomoSee Java man, Peking man
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Derived Formspithecanthropine or pithecanthropoid, adjective

Word Origin for pithecanthropus

C19: New Latin, from Greek pithēkos ape + anthrōpos man
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Word Origin and History for pithecanthropus


genus of extinct primates, 1895, from Modern Latin, literally "monkey-man," from Greek pithekos "ape" + anthropos "man" (see anthropo-). Coined 1868 by Haeckel as a name for a hypothetical link between apes and men (attested in English in this sense from 1876); applied by Dr. Eugène Dubois (1858-1940), physician of the Dutch army in Java, to remains he found there in 1891.

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pithecanthropus in Science


[pĭth′ĭ-kănthrə-pəs, -kăn-thrōpəs]
  1. An extinct hominid postulated from bones found in Java in 1891 and originally designated Pithecanthropus erectus because it was thought to represent a species evolutionarily between apes and humans. Pithecanthropus is now classified as Homo erectus. Also called Java man See more at Homo erectus.
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