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/ pɪts /

plural noun

  1. the pits slang.
    the worst possible person, place, or thing

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Word History and Origins

Origin of pits1

C20: perhaps shortened from armpits

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Example Sentences

Loescher repeatedly emphasized that these sites are by no means limited to the La Brea Tar Pits.

Point one: It pits a best-selling management guru against a trendy yogurt company.

Here, he pits the craziest GoPro footage against his own, which is noticeably less extreme.

They are lake-sized pits used to store the toxic water that is a byproduct of the mining process.

The slap stick comedies, with the children falling in mud pits, or getting pushed by goats around weedy, sandy lots, were a hit.

The road was execrable; full of holes, pits, and puddles, in which our poor beasts often sank above their knees.

Hence it is obvious that great advantage must be derived, especially in rainy districts, from covered manure-pits.

She's handsome yet, but her muscles are getting that loose look and her eyes are bottomless pits of ennui.

It is in these latter deposits exclusively that the arenaria, or sand pits, are found.

They sink pits in the pathways of their game, covering them with light sticks and leaves and sprinkling earth over the whole.





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