[pi-tos-per-uh m, pit-uh-spawr-uh m, -spohr-]


any of various shrubs or trees of the genus Pittosporum, native to warm regions of the Old World, many species of which are cultivated as ornamentals for their attractive foliage, flowers, or fruit.

Origin of pittosporum

< New Latin, equivalent to Greek (Attic) pitto- (combining form of pítta, píssa pitch2) + spór(os) seed (see spore) + New Latin -um neuter noun ending; so called from the resinous coating of the seeds
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any of various trees and shrubs of the Pittosporum genus of Australasia, Asia, and Africa, having small fragrant flowers

Word Origin for pittosporum

New Latin, from Greek pitta pitch (from the resinous coating of the seeds) + spora seed
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