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place name


  1. the name of a geographical location, such as a town or area

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Example Sentences

There is an expanded place-name index with more than 150,000 entries, and separate undersea, Moon, and Mars features.

DAKOTA is a unisex name in the wide-open Western place name mode.

So the bullet that Gavrilo Princip fired at old Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo (a redolent place-name) goes on echoing.

The place-name Rothwell, anciently Rodewelle, is no doubt with reason assumed to be “well of the rood or cross”.

Whenever we find man in an early place-name, we can feel pretty sure that it has no reference to the human species.

The spread and the vitality of the place-name Rome were even greater than the vogue of the title Csar.

A place name on the Pacific coast; sandy beach and arid tropical scrub forest.

There is nothing that it enjoys more than to have a Minister struggling with the pronunciation of some outlandish place-name.