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[ pleys-muhnt ]


  1. the act of placing.
  2. the state of being placed.
  3. the act of an employment office or employer in filling a position.
  4. location; arrangement:

    the placement of furniture.

  5. Football.
    1. the placing of the ball on the ground in attempting a place kick.
    2. the position of the ball.
    3. a score made by a place kick:

      Jones made 43 consecutive placements last season.

  6. (in tennis, badminton, handball, etc.) a winning shot in which the ball or shuttlecock is so hit that one's opponent is unable to return it.


/ ˈpleɪsmənt /


  1. the act of placing or the state of being placed
  2. arrangement or position
  3. the process or business of finding employment
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  • pre·placement noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of placement1

First recorded in 1835–45; place + -ment
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Example Sentences

The e-commerce giant is peddling plenty of advertising space to companies hoping to give their items prime placement in front of Amazon’s legions of shoppers.

From Quartz

Enhanced features can include placement in the Top stories carousel, host carousel, Visual stories, and rich result features such as headline text and larger-than-thumbnail images.

It performed an eye tracking analysis and also tested different placements for Google in the list.

After monitoring this listing for over 6 months, it continues to rank and undoubtedly reaps the benefits of local traffic from a prime placement in the local pack.

Other researchers have tried using proteins or polymers to mimic the viral core before, the team explained, but are limited in the variety of viral protein placements because of the material’s properties.

Product placement aside, the idea that animals go to heaven raises a whole host of interesting questions for Thea and Noah.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of better advanced placement tests.

Daryl Camarillo, founder of California-based placement agency Stanford Park Nannies, echoed that sentiment.

Re-evaluating the placement of products in exchanges is just one aspect of this holistic approach to strengthening values.

Some, like Smart Socks, measure strike speed and heel placement for runner trying to get that next PR.

Minor changes have been made in the Table of Illustrations to reflect final placement of the illustrations.

To match the other volumes in this series, the list for the placement of images was positioned after the Table of Contents.

Rick and Scotty watched the placement of the nuclear explosive—a simple steel can, from the outside—in the big hole.

Given the approximate placement of figures, the reader may need to scroll up or down a bit to find the figure.

(There was a chime) Lunar Projects Placement is here to serve you.


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