plagal cadence

  1. a cadence in which the chord of the tonic is preceded by that of the subdominant.

Origin of plagal cadence

First recorded in 1870–75

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How to use plagal cadence in a sentence

  • Perhaps it’s not surprising that all three of those songs groove over the double plagal cadence.

    Why Lorde’s Solar Power Is a Pop Oddity | Andrew R. Chow | August 23, 2021 | Time
  • These enharmonic passages recur to satiety, and the abuse of the plagal cadence deprives it of its religious solemnity.

  • The plagal cadence (A-men chord) at the end of the piece has been transcribed as breves instead of semibreves for authenticity.

    Sixty Years a Queen | Sir Herbert Maxwell
  • A plagal cadence is one in which the tonic chord is preceded by the sub-dominant chord (IV—I).

  • The first one (a) is called a perfect plagal cadence, the last two are imperfect plagal.