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/ pleɪnz /

plural noun

  1. extensive tracts of level or almost level treeless countryside; prairies

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Example Sentences

Based on the hat he had created for himself, Stetson made a version called “The Boss of the Plains.”

In the Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, Plains, and Far West, secession sympathizers top out at 22 percent of the population.

This is a big problem in states like Alaska, Montana, the Dakotas, and the plains states.

Take the case of the American bison: The ice-age bison evolved into the Plains buffalo, Bison bison, perhaps 10,000 years ago.

Michael Waters explains, without serious evidence, that elk was “a rare animal in the plains at that time.”

The patriarchal decree of the government was a good deal of a joke on the plains, anyway—except when you were caught defying it!

They started in the early morning and rode out over the plains till they came to the edge of a large forest.

The perfect level of the plains, particularly in Champagne, makes the ground as open as a race-course.

We had now at one moment to wade through plains of sand, and the next to clamber over the rocks by wretched paths.

He kept to the high ground, not venturing to the plains, for the population had outwardly passed to the English peace again.





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