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plan B

or Plan B


  1. a strategy or plan to be implemented if the original one proves impracticable or unsuccessful.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of plan B1

First recorded in 1975–80; from the assumption that the original plan is “plan A”

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Example Sentences

Back in the fold and lacking a plan B, Shiv had no choice but to play the game on her father’s terms.

From Time

Toss a pair of traction devices into your pack, and if all else fails, have a plan B in mind, such as an exploration of the lower-elevation foothills section of the parks.

In other words, in times like now bonds would be a nice safety cushion—a plan B for your portfolio.

From Fortune

Studies have repeatedly shown that Plan B ok “does not inhibit implantation.”

Plan B is taking two birth control pills in the morning and two in the evening.

Inaccurate label notwithstanding, Plan B is classified by the FDA as a contraceptive.

While campaigning in South Carolina on Tuesday, Paul was asked if Plan B should be legal.

[When] the diplomacy culminated in April, there was no Plan B.

"I should say that Plan B was the best choice," he said at last.


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