1. nautical a plank or timber covering the upper ends of the frames of a wooden vessel

Origin of plank-sheer

C14 plancher, from Old French planchier, from planche plank, from Latin planca; spelling influenced by plank 1, sheer 1

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How to use plank-sheer in a sentence

  • Her plank-sheer amidships was awash, and the water rolling in a green body from starboard to port and back again.

    The Grain Ship | Morgan Robertson
  • The plank sheer was ripped off the vessel from aft to amidships, as neatly as if it had been done by the carpenters.

    Ned Myers | James Fenimore Cooper
  • As Spike uttered this order, his foot was on the plank-sheer of the bulwarks, in the act of passing to the wharf again.

    Jack Tier or The Florida Reef | James Fenimore Cooper
  • As for Spike, he sat down on the plank-sheer where he had stood, and remained there ruminating intently for two or three minutes.

    Jack Tier or The Florida Reef | James Fenimore Cooper
  • Such are the wales, the plank-sheer, the garboard-strakes, and the like.

    The Sailor's Word-Book | William Henry Smyth