plate armour

  1. armour made of thin metal plates, which superseded mail during the 14th century

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How to use plate armour in a sentence

  • It will be readily understood that the change from mail to plate armour was not brought about at once.

    Armour & Weapons | Charles John Ffoulkes
  • This especially held good of the heavy plate armour which was introduced in the fourteenth century, and grew heavier and heavier.

    Battles of English History | H. B. (Hereford Brooke) George
  • A Turkish arrow would perhaps pierce a light coat of mail, but would be turned aside by plate-armour, however thin.

  • Thus a beginning was made even during the mail period towards the introduction of plate-armour.

    Armour in England | J. Starkie Gardner
  • Regarding the armour of Henry V. as the earliest complete cap--pied plate-armour, we find it thus composed.

    Armour in England | J. Starkie Gardner