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play ball

  1. Cooperate, as in The opposing attorneys refused to play ball with us . [ Slang ; c. 1900]

  2. Get going, start, as in It's time to get a move on; let's play ball . This usage comes from the baseball umpire's call to start a game. [ Slang ; late 1800s]

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Example Sentences

In addition, because House Democrats were cut out of the negotiations over the bill, they don't feel any incentive to play ball.

Then, she seemed to imply, maybe the Democrats would play ball.

And they would probably think, as Norm Ornstein noted above, why should they play ball with 2016 coming?

He needs to play ball—and if he does, the YouTube gods will probably smile on him.

Still, the Obama administration signaled that it would play ball.

It had rained in the morning, and of course the grounds were too slippery and wet to play ball.

"We must win through, and I guess I'll play ball with my father-in-law," quoth Pyne to himself as he followed.

I can't see what he finds to admire in Hodge, though the fellow can fight and play ball.

But it was not long before the children came; so, wanting an active hour, I began to play ball with them.

The Indian children play ball, and shoot arrows, and race with their ponies.





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