play along

  1. (intr usually foll by with) to cooperate (with), esp as a temporary measure

  2. (tr) to manipulate as if in a game, esp for one's own advantage: he played the widow along until she gave him her money

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How to use play along in a sentence

  • And they knew by experience that it would be a Striped Bass, or perhaps a Cod, for these fishes play along near the shore.

    Cape Cod | Henry D. Thoreau
  • We play along like always, and Hotlips has his trumpet pressed into his face, and nothing but beautiful sounds come from the band.

    The Flying Cuspidors | V. R. Francis
  • My part will play along with anyone except Belle; hers with anybody except me.

    The Galaxy Primes | Edward Elmer Smith
  • I suggest you change your attitude; play along with them for a few days till the picture becomes a little clearer to you.

    The Perfectionists | Arnold Castle
  • "You're not casual enough, for one thing," said Pembroke, deciding to play along with her for the moment.

    The Perfectionists | Arnold Castle

Other Idioms and Phrases with play along

play along

Cooperate or pretend to cooperate, as in They decided to play along with the robbers, at least for a while. [Colloquial; 1920s]

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