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play out


  1. tr to finish

    let's play the game out if we aren't too late

  2. informal.
    tr; often passive to use up or exhaust
  3. tr to release gradually

    he played the rope out

  4. intr to happen or turn out

    Let's wait and see how things play out

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Example Sentences

Have there been discussions with FX regarding an Archer movie, and how do you think that would play out?

As of Friday, just how the final publication would play out remained a mystery, like so many Christmas presents under the tree.

It sparks a comedic crisis of cultural conscience, which will presumably play out across the series.

Israel makes an incursion into Gaza every few years, and we always have little choice but to let it play out.

Given enough time, and the unlikely collapse of the Baghdad government, that scenario may still play out.

"I play out-a here—af'-a-noon-a," with a sweep of his hand towards the left.

No, my sweet one, I would make you play out the game—you should finish the drama you began—finish it in my fashion.

Japan was herself too much interested in Korea to permit China to play out her own game there alone.

We must see the play out before we can report upon the last act.

One could watch the play out, even if one hadn't much of a part oneself.





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