/ ˈpliːdɪŋz /

plural noun

  1. law (formerly) the formal written statements presented alternately by the claimant and defendant in a lawsuit setting out the respective matters relied upon Official namestatements of case

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Example Sentences

He continued, “You are more important than any political party, more important than any partisan pleadings.”

The inquiry yielded indictments written in language normally found in gossip columns, not in legal pleadings.

They made special pleadings, since it was their object to gain their point at any expense of law and justice.

Accompanying the brief may be copies of the pleadings (see Pleading), and of all documents material to the case.

And when a woman condemns a man unheard she's much more merciful than when she condemns him after listening to his pleadings.

The story is told that the baron became interested in little people through the pleadings of an invalid daughter.

One would have liked to learn something more of the husband's pleadings.