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  1. (used as a polite addition to requests, commands, etc.) if you would be so obliging; kindly: Please come here.Will you please turn the radio off?

verb (used with object),pleased, pleas·ing.
  1. to act to the pleasure or satisfaction of: to please the public.

  2. to be the pleasure or will of: May it please your Majesty.

verb (used without object),pleased, pleas·ing.
  1. to like, wish, or feel inclined: Go where you please.

  2. to give pleasure or satisfaction; be agreeable: manners that please.

Idioms about please

  1. if you please,

    • if it be your pleasure; if you like or prefer.

    • (used as an exclamation expressing astonishment, indignation, etc.): The missing letter was in his pocket, if you please!

Origin of please

First recorded in 1275–1325; (verb) Middle English plesen, plaisen, from Middle French plaisir, ultimately from Latin placēre “to please, seem good” (see placid); the use of please with requests, etc., is presumably a reduction of the clause (it) please you “may it please you,” later reinforced by imperative use of intransitive please to be pleased, wish

Other words for please

Other words from please

  • pleas·a·ble, adjective
  • pleas·ed·ly [plee-zid-lee, pleezd-], /ˈpli zɪd li, ˈplizd-/, adverb
  • pleas·ed·ness, noun
  • pleas·er, noun
  • half-pleased, adjective
  • out·please, verb (used with object), out·pleased, out·pleas·ing.
  • o·ver·please, verb, o·ver·pleased, o·ver·pleas·ing.
  • self-pleased, adjective
  • un·pleas·a·ble, adjective
  • un·pleased, adjective
  • well-pleased, adjective

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How to use please in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for please


/ (pliːz) /

  1. to give satisfaction, pleasure, or contentment to (a person); make or cause (a person) to be glad

  2. to be the will of or have the will (to): if it pleases you; the court pleases

  1. if you please if you will or wish, sometimes used in ironic exclamation

  2. pleased with happy because of

  3. please oneself to do as one likes

  1. (sentence modifier) used in making polite requests and in pleading, asking for a favour, etc: please don't tell the police where I am

  2. yes please a polite formula for accepting an offer, invitation, etc

Origin of please

C14 plese, from Old French plaisir, from Latin placēre to please, satisfy

Derived forms of please

  • pleasable, adjective
  • pleased, adjective
  • pleasedly (ˈpliːzɪdlɪ), adverb
  • pleaser, noun

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see as you please.

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