/ (ˈplɪnɪən) /

  1. geology (of a volcanic eruption) characterized by repeated explosions

Origin of Plinian

C20: named after Pliny the Younger, who described such eruptions

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How to use Plinian in a sentence

  • It would be impossible in any case for me to attempt a Plinian panegyric, or a French éloge.

  • Read two papers before the Plinian Society of Edinburgh "at the close of 1826 or early in 1827."

  • Fast-moving deadly pyroclastic flows (“nuées ardentes”) are also commonly associated with Plinian eruptions.

    Volcanoes | Robert I. Tilling
  • The most powerful eruptions are called “Plinian” and involve the explosive ejection of relatively viscous lava.

    Volcanoes | Robert I. Tilling