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verb (used without object), plopped, plop·ping.
  1. to make a sound like that of something falling or dropping into water: A frog plopped into the pond.
  2. to fall with such a sound: Big raindrops plopped against the window.
  3. to drop or fall with full force or direct impact: He plopped into a chair.
verb (used with object), plopped, plop·ping.
  1. to drop or set down heavily: She plopped her books on the desk.
  2. to cause to plop: The fisherman plopped the bait into the river.
  1. a plopping sound or fall.
  2. the act of plopping.
  1. with a plop: The stone fell plop into the water.

Origin of plop

First recorded in 1815–25; imitative Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  1. the characteristic sound made by an object dropping into water without a splash
verb plops, plopping or plopped
  1. to fall or cause to fall with the sound of a plopthe stone plopped into the water
  1. an exclamation imitative of this soundto go plop

Word Origin for plop

C19: imitative of the sound
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Word Origin and History for plop

1821, imitative of the sound of a smooth object dropping into water. Related: Plopped; plopping. Thackary (mid-19c.) used plap (v.). As a noun from 1833.

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