plunge bath

  1. a bath large enough to immerse the whole body or to dive into

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How to use plunge bath in a sentence

  • A hundred yards or so away was a large plunge bath, deep enough for a good high dive.

    The Romance of the Red Triangle | Arthur Keysall Yapp
  • The mammoth plunge bath was the largest in the world under a single cover.

    The Harris-Ingram Experiment | Charles E. Bolton
  • After this last great plunge-bath they rose to constitute the dry land of man and his contemporaries.

  • A stream of water ran at the foot of the garden, and close to it was built a vapour-bath, and a dressing-house for a plunge-bath.

    Fred Markham in Russia | W. H. G. Kingston
  • She went into an adjoining room that had a deep plunge bath of white marble, and a white bear rug on the floor.

    The Title Market | Emily Post