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[noo-muh-tol-uh-jee, nyoo-]
  1. Theology.
    1. doctrine concerning the Holy Spirit.
    2. the belief in intermediary spirits between humans and God.
  2. the doctrine or theory of spiritual beings.
  3. Archaic. psychology.
  4. Obsolete. pneumatics.
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Origin of pneumatology

First recorded in 1670–80; pneumato- + -logy
Related formspneu·mat·o·log·ic [noo-mat-l-oj-ik, nyoo-, noo-muh-tl-, nyoo-] /nʊˌmæt lˈɒdʒ ɪk, nyʊ-, ˌnu mə tl-, ˌnyu-/, pneu·ma·to·log·i·cal, adjectivepneu·ma·tol·o·gist, noun
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Examples from the Web for pneumatology

Historical Examples of pneumatology

  • There has been a great change of late years in connection with the science of Pneumatology and with the manner of treating it.

    Atlantic Monthly, Vol. XII. September, 1863, No. LXXI.


  • The first part is cosmology, the second rational doctrine of the soul, pneumatology and theology.

  • We have now mind as mind, divested of its naturalness and subjectivity, and as such, it is an object of Pneumatology.

  • As to the psychic half of the cerebral functions, they omitted entirely that portion which relates to pneumatology.

  • But neither the physiology, nor the pneumatology had been placed in organic connection with the central cerebral science.

British Dictionary definitions for pneumatology


  1. the branch of theology concerned with the Holy Ghost and other spiritual beings
  2. an obsolete name for psychology (def. 1)
  3. an obsolete term for pneumatics
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Derived Formspneumatological (ˌnjuːmətəˈlɒdʒɪkəl), adjectivepneumatologist, noun
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