noun, plural po·geys.

Slang. Also pogy.
  1. a package of food, candy, or other treats sent to a child at boarding school, a person in an institution, etc.
  2. candy or a treat.
Canadian Slang.
  1. an institution maintained by private charities or government funds for the housing of the aged, sick, orphaned, or feeble-minded; an old-age home, charity hospital, orphanage, or the like.
  2. any form of charity or government relief.
  3. unemployment insurance provided by the government.

adjective Canadian Slang.

of, relating to, or obtained through charity or government relief: pogey shoes.

Origin of pogey

First recorded in 1890–95; earlier pogie workhouse < ?
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Historical Examples of pogey

  • Their route lay through Pogey, and Wade would be there ready to captain them.

  • At last Pogey Notch had begun to suck at the raging fires with its granite lips.

  • That fire threatened Enchanted, once it should sweep through the chimney draught of Pogey Notch.

  • “And if they can get enough men ahead of it perhaps they can stop it in Pogey Notch,” Lane concluded.

  • Mr. Wade has left the top of the mountain with the girl, and will meet Mr. Barrett to the south of Pogey Notch.

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noun plural pogeys or pogies Canadian slang

financial or other relief given to the unemployed by the government; dole
unemployment insurance
  1. the office distributing relief to the unemployed
  2. (as modifier)pogey clothes

Word Origin for pogey

C20: from earlier pogie workhouse, of unknown origin
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