[puh-gruhm, -grom, poh-]


an organized massacre, especially of Jews.

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Origin of pogrom

1880–85; (< Yiddish) < Russian pogróm literally, destruction, devastation (of a town, country, etc., as in war), noun derivative of pogromít’, equivalent to po- perfective prefix + gromít’ to destroy, devastate, derivative of grom thunder

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British Dictionary definitions for pogrom



an organized persecution or extermination of an ethnic group, esp of Jews

Word Origin for pogrom

C20: via Yiddish from Russian: destruction, from po- like + grom thunder

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Word Origin and History for pogrom



1882, from Yiddish pogrom, from Russian pogromu "devastation, destruction," from po- "by, through, behind, after" (cognate with Latin post-; see post-) + gromu "thunder, roar," from PIE imitative root *ghrem- (see grim).

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Culture definitions for pogrom


[(puh-grum, puh-grom, poh-gruhm)]

A massacre or persecution instigated by the government or by the ruling class against a minority group, particularly Jews (see also Jews).


Pogroms were common in Russia during the nineteenth century.

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