[ paw-hyaw-lah ]

nounFinnish Legend.
  1. a region to the north of Finland, ruled by the sorceress Louhi: often identified with Lapland.

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How to use Pohjola in a sentence

  • The bridegroom and his party are received at Pohjola (1-226).

  • She hastens to Pohjola and inquires of Louhi what has become of him (1-100).

  • The Mistress of Pohjola promises and betroths her daughter to Ilmarinen (345-498).

  • He carries off and marries the beautiful Kyllikki, but quarrels with her, and starts off to Pohjola to woo the daughter of Louhi.

  • Ilmarinen arrives in Pohjola, where he is very well received, and promises to forge a Sampo (201-280).