[point-uh v-seyl]
noun, plural points-of-sale.
  1. the store, dealer, or other retail outlet where an item is sold: from manufacturer to point-of-sale.
  1. designating or in use at a point-of-sale, cashier's desk, or check-out counter; point-of-purchase.
  2. (in retailing) of or relating to a customer-checkout system that uses automated devices linked to a computer, as a terminal (point-of-sale terminal) that directly transmits sales data as part of a computerized system for accounting and inventory control. Abbreviation: P.O.S., POS

Origin of point-of-sale

First recorded in 1950–55
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  • Just-in-time, point-of-sale, and electronic interchanges came into being because the human pragmatic made them necessary.