[ pwan-tl-iz-uhm, -tee-iz-, poin-tl-iz- ]
/ ˈpwæn tlˌɪz əm, -tiˌɪz-, ˈpɔɪn tlˌɪz- /
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noun (sometimes initial capital letter)
a theory and technique developed by the neo-impressionists, based on the principle that juxtaposed dots of pure color, as blue and yellow, are optically mixed into the resulting hue, as green, by the viewer.
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Origin of pointillism

1900–05; <French pointillisme, equivalent to pointill(er) to mark with points + -isme-ism

OTHER WORDS FROM pointillism

poin·til·list, noun, adjective
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How to use pointillism in a sentence

  • From him we may trace the modern impressionist movement, and from him modern pointillism.

    Watteau|C. Lewis Hind

British Dictionary definitions for pointillism

/ (ˈpwæntɪˌlɪzəm, -tiːˌɪzəm, ˈpɔɪn-) /

the technique of painting elaborated from impressionism, in which dots of unmixed colour are juxtaposed on a white ground so that from a distance they fuse in the viewer's eye into appropriate intermediate tonesAlso called: divisionism

Derived forms of pointillism

pointillist, noun, adjective

Word Origin for pointillism

C19: from French, from pointiller to mark with tiny dots, from pointille little point, from Italian puntiglio, from punto point
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