poison sumach

  1. an anacardiaceous swamp shrub, Rhus (or Toxicodendron) vernix of the southeastern US, that has greenish-white berries and causes an itching rash on contact with the skin: Also called: poison dogwood, poison elder See also sumach

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How to use poison sumach in a sentence

  • It is popularly known in the United States as "poison sumach," "poison dogwood" and "poison elder."

  • One of this family is poisonous and is known as poison sumach.

    Woodcraft | Alan Douglas
  • poison sumach (Rhus vernix) is not the same as poisonwood, though sometimes the two are confounded.

    American Forest Trees | Henry H. Gibson
  • By certain traits we may always know, with absolute certainty, a poison sumach when we find it.

    Trees Worth Knowing | Julia Ellen Rogers
  • Was it the light reflected from the glossy leaves of the poison sumach which overhung the path that made his cheek look so pale?

    The Guardian Angel | Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.