polar stratospheric cloud

[ poh-ler strat-uh-sfer-ik kloud, ‐sfeer‐ ]

  1. an iridescent cloud in the winter polar stratosphere, as high as 15.5 miles (25 kilometers) above the earth: in both the Antarctic and the Arctic, these clouds contribute to ozone depletion by converting benign forms of chlorine into ozone-destroying forms and by eliminating the nitrogen compounds that curb the destructive effects of chlorine. Abbreviation: PSC

Origin of polar stratospheric cloud

First recorded in 1980–85
  • Also called moth·er-of-pearl cloud, [muhth-er-uhv-purl-kloud] /ˈmʌð ər əvˈpɜrl ˈklaʊd/ na·cre·ous cloud [ney-kree-uhs kloud] /ˈneɪ kri əs ˈklaʊd/ .

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