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police action


  1. a relatively localized military action undertaken by regular armed forces, without a formal declaration of war, against guerrillas, insurgents, or other forces held to be violating international peace and order.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of police action1

First recorded in 1880–85

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Example Sentences

The cameras are now standard issue in many jurisdictions across the country, seen as a way to provide more objective accounts of police actions and rely less on the recollections of officers or anyone else.

He will hire outside counsel to present the cases, a change in policy designed to strengthen the public’s sense of independent accountability for police action.

They speculate that some police actions against these favela gangs may be motivated not by a desire to arrest criminals but rather to clear them out so that militias can take over.

From Time

It’s not clear whether SDPD is tracking these “low-visibility” police actions because that information is not publicly available.

This month a judge intervened and granted a 30-day temporary stay on police action against Abbott.

Even critics of the protests are asking serious questions about the police action.

Each of them showed rioting crowds and defensive police action; the commentaries cried their confusion.

As Al left, President Wong saw the order for the police action on his desk.

His hand strayed over to the order he had signed that morning for a police action, then drifted aimlessly away.

Then he noticed that he had put the police action order back into his outgoing basket.

I didn't mean that contact, so much as I meant taking some police action.


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