noun, plural po·leis [poh-lahys] /ˈpoʊ laɪs/.

an ancient Greek city-state.

Origin of polis

1890–95; < Greek pólis, plural (Ionic) póleis


a combining form, meaning “city,” appearing in loanwords from Greek (metropolis), and used in the formation of placenames (Annapolis).

Origin of -polis

combining form representing Greek pólis polis
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noun plural poleis (ˈpɒlaɪs)

an ancient Greek city-state

Word Origin for polis

from Greek: city




Scot and Irish the police or a police officer

Word Origin for polis

C19: a variant pronunciation of police
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Word Origin and History for polis

"ancient Greek city-state," 1894, from Greek polis "city, one's city; the state, citizens," from PIE *pele- "citadel, enclosed space, often on high ground" (cf. Sanskrit pur, puram "city, citadel," Lithuanian pilis "fortress").


word-forming element meaning "City," from Greek polis "city" (see polis).

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