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[ puh-lahyt-lee ]


  1. in a way that shows good manners toward others; courteously:

    The bar is extremely busy, so the ability to work efficiently and politely under pressure is essential.

    Although the coaches encouraged him to try out for the team, he politely declined and went back to his books.

  2. in a way that shows refinement, consideration, or elegance:

    The goal is politely described as "optimistic" by the auditors; privately, most observers view it as total fantasy.

    The artist’s journals start politely—small watercolors and writing fill the early pages, but by the end they are overflowing and untameable.

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  • su·per·po·lite·ly adverb
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Example Sentences

It’s a collection of pained smiles, whispered comments and polite avoidance that saps their confidence and poisons their spirit.

What I highly recommend is that you be genuine, polite, and kind when reaching out to your experts.

People were polite but wouldn’t look her in the eye, she said.

His show, and the way he hosted it, proved that polite order can be more fascinating than brute chaos.

I called up my friends at ARB, who patiently listened while I described what I was planning, then told me in more polite words that I was crazy.

From behind a curtain, Trudeau is politely coaching the actors through the scene, encouraging them to go bigger.

After politely considering the idea, Stewart declined, the magazine reported.

Demurely they poured drinks and politely tried to speak English.

Step away politely, apologise profusely, and find a taxi, pronto.

We are now in day six of our on-air spring membership drive for WPNQ, and we really have to —politely!

Being a mild sort of person, Mr. Meadow Mouse thanked Mrs. Robin politely, both for the message and for the advice.p.

A French gentleman, surprised at the animal's rapid retreat, politely asked Mr. Sims what could be the cause.

Garnache assured him very briefly, and none too politely that he did not intend to prove of any excessive amiability.

Being politely requested, at the foot of a tremendous hill, to ease the horses.

Frivolity enveloped the company as with a silken veil, and yet everything moved as politely and as sedately as a minuet.





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