[ puh-lit-i-kuhl ]
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  1. of, relating to, or concerned with politics: political writers.

  2. of, relating to, or connected with a political party: a political campaign.

  1. exercising or seeking power in the governmental or public affairs of a state, municipality, etc.: a political machine;a political boss.

  2. of, relating to, or involving the state or its government: a political offense.

  3. having a definite policy or system of government: a political community.

  4. of or relating to citizens: political rights.

Origin of political

First recorded in 1545–55; from Latin polītic(us) “civic” (see politic) + -al1

Other words from political

  • po·lit·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • an·ti·po·lit·i·cal, adjective
  • an·ti·po·lit·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • non·po·lit·i·cal, adjective
  • non·po·lit·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • o·ver·po·lit·i·cal, adjective
  • o·ver·po·lit·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • pre·po·lit·i·cal, adjective
  • pre·po·lit·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • pseu·do·po·lit·i·cal, adjective
  • qua·si-po·lit·i·cal, adjective
  • qua·si-po·lit·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • sub·po·lit·i·cal, adjective
  • sub·po·lit·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • un·po·lit·i·cal, adjective
  • un·po·lit·i·cal·ly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for political


/ (pəˈlɪtɪkəl) /

  1. of or relating to the state, government, the body politic, public administration, policy-making, etc

    • of, involved in, or relating to government policy-making as distinguished from administration or law

    • of or relating to the civil aspects of government as distinguished from the military

  1. of, dealing with, or relating to politics: a political person

  2. of, characteristic of, or relating to the parties and the partisan aspects of politics

  3. organized or ordered with respect to government: a political unit

Derived forms of political

  • politically, adverb

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