political question


, Law.
  1. a question regarded by the courts as being a matter to be determined by another department of government rather than of law and therefore one with which they will not deal, as the recognition of a foreign state.

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Example Sentences

Strada abandoned any neutrality on political questions of war.

That raises significant political questions that Gentry now can’t avoid, as he has since this story surfaced.

The book from which this essay is excerpted, The Spirit of Green, examines a wide array of social, economic and political questions from a Green vantage point.

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Unlike Nolan, who wrestled with political questions in his Batman films—successfully or not—Snyder’s movies feint toward depth.

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A key political question may be whether voters see partially open districts as safe and well-reasoned approaches, or as failures because they do not provide full-time, traditional school.

For Game of Thrones, the political question underlies everything.

The central political question is this: Can everything change back if the feds exonerate him?

This is a legislative-executive tussle—a classic “political question” beyond the proper province of the judiciary.

So now the political question is, where is what we might call the jobs numbers Gladwell Point?

The immediate political question raised by the successful drone attack that took out Anwar al-Awlaki is simple.

An exciting and momentous political question could be fairly discussed.

In every political question there are two sides, and that depends on the point of view from which you regard it.

No political question was exciting public interest, and the borough elections were decided rather by money than by measures.

It is a mere truism to remark that in every political question the main controversy is complicated by a number of side issues.

His object was gained in the opportunity of expressing himself upon the great political question of the day.





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