[ pohl-kuh, poh-kuh ]
/ ˈpoʊl kə, ˈpoʊ kə /

noun, plural pol·kas.

a lively couple dance of Bohemian origin, with music in duple meter.
a piece of music for such a dance or in its rhythm.

verb (used without object), pol·kaed, pol·ka·ing.

to dance the polka.

Origin of polka

1835–45; < Czech: literally, Polish woman or girl; compare Polish polka Polish woman, polak Pole
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British Dictionary definitions for polka

/ (ˈpɒlkə) /

noun plural -kas

a 19th-century Bohemian dance with three steps and a hop, in fast duple time
a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance

verb -kas, -kaing or -kaed

(intr) to dance a polka

Word Origin for polka

C19: via French from Czech pulka half-step, from pul half
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Culture definitions for polka


A lively dance for couples, originating in eastern Europe.

notes for polka

Johann Strauss, the Younger wrote many polkas.
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