[pol-ee-an-druh s]


of, pertaining to, characterized by, or practicing polyandry; polyandric.
Botany. having an indefinite number of stamens.

Origin of polyandrous

First recorded in 1820–30, polyandrous is from the Greek word polyándros having many husbands. See poly-, -androus
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1764, in botany, "having numerous stamens," from poly- + stem of aner "man, husband" (see anthropo-). From 1854 of humans, "having more than one husband." Greek polyandros meant "numerous" (of persons), "populous" (of places); polyanor meant "of many husbands."

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Relating to a species of animals in which the females mate with more than one male in a single breeding season.
Relating to an angiosperm plant that has an indefinite number of stamens in its flowers.
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