[ puh-lig-uh-luh ]

  1. any plant of the genus Polygala, comprising the milkworts.

Origin of polygala

1570–80; <New Latin, genus name, special use of Latin polygala, for Greek polýgalon milkwort, literally, something very milky, equivalent to poly-poly- + -galon, derivative of gála milk; see galacto-

Other words from polygala

  • pol·y·ga·la·ceous [pol-ee-guh-ley-shuhs, puh-lig-uh-], /ˌpɒl i gəˈleɪ ʃəs, pəˌlɪg ə-/, adjective

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How to use polygala in a sentence

  • I usually find it and the fringed polygala in bloom at the same time; the lady's-slipper is a little later.

    A Year in the Fields | John Burroughs
  • Youth, after all, is a shamefaced and secretive season; like the fringed polygala, it hides its real blossom underground.

    Little Rivers | Henry van Dyke
  • I must not forget to mention that delicate and lovely flower of May, the fringed polygala.

    Riverby | John Burroughs
  • Its scientific name, polygala, is derived from Greek and means “much milk,” and the plant was supposed to encourage lactation.

  • But the polygala is quite inodorous, while the guaco gives forth a strong aromatic smell, resembling valerian.

    The Quadroon | Mayne Reid

British Dictionary definitions for polygala


/ (pəˈlɪɡələ) /

  1. any herbaceous plant or small shrub of the polygalaceous genus Polygala: See also milkwort

Origin of polygala

C18: New Latin, from Greek polugalon, from poly- + gala milk

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