[ puh-lig-uh-mist ]


  1. a person who practices or favors polygamy.

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Other Words From

  • po·lyga·mistic adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of polygamist1

First recorded in 1630–40; polygam(y) + -ist
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Example Sentences

The artist formerly known as President Fitz is slated to bring the infamous polygamist to life in an upcoming Lifetime movie.

Like me, he no longer believed that Joseph Smith, the polygamist founder of the Mormon church, was a prophet of God.

Taylor himself was an open polygamist and on many occasions he encouraged Liberian men to take up multiple wives.

In turn, they risk being labeled as “pligs,” a slang term outsiders reserve for polygamist families.

The Warren Jeffs child sex trial began with a shock: The polygamist will represent himself—with help from God.

Of such domestic slaves more than one is allowed; so that as far as the Nascopi recognizes marriage at all, he is a polygamist.

A polygamist, so long as he remains such, cannot become spiritual, n. 347.

On cross-examination, it turned out that he had twelve wives, and he was informed that a polygamist could not be a Christian.

I was very much pleased with his talk, but, suspecting him to be a polygamist, I asked him as to the number of his wives.

He was the absconding polygamist for whom the tobacco-chewing female had ventured all the way from Chalk-Leod.