[ pol-ee-uhn-sach-uh-rey-tid ]
/ ˌpɒl i ʌnˈsætʃ əˌreɪ tɪd /

adjective Nutrition.

of or noting a class of animal or vegetable fats, especially plant oils, whose molecules consist of carbon chains with many double bonds unsaturated by hydrogen atoms and that are associated with a low cholesterol content of the blood.



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Origin of polyunsaturated

First recorded in 1930–35; poly- + unsaturated
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British Dictionary definitions for polyunsaturated

/ (ˌpɒlɪʌnˈsætʃəˌreɪtɪd) /


of or relating to a class of animal and vegetable fats, the molecules of which consist of long carbon chains with many double bonds. Polyunsaturated compounds are less likely to be converted into cholesterol in the body. They are widely used in margarines and in the manufacture of paints and varnishesSee also monounsaturated
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Medical definitions for polyunsaturated

[ pŏl′ē-ŭn-săchə-rā′tĭd ]


Of or relating to long-chain carbon compounds, especially fatty acids, having two or more double bonds per molecule. Foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids help reduce the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood.
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Scientific definitions for polyunsaturated

[ pŏl′ē-ŭn-săchə-rā′tĭd ]

Relating to an organic compound, especially a fat, in which more than one pair of carbon atoms are joined by double or triple bonds. See more at unsaturated.
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