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[pom-frit, puhm-]
noun, plural (especially collectively) pom·fret, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) pom·frets.
  1. any of several scombroid fishes of the family Bramidae, found in the North Atlantic and Pacific.
  2. any of several East Indian stromateid fishes, especially Stromateoides argenteus, valued as food.
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Origin of pomfret

1720–30; earlier pamplee, pamflet, pomphlet; compare French pample, Portuguese pampo
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Historical Examples of pomfret

  • But Pomfret was impossible, and vexation thickened on vexation.

    The Reign of Mary Tudor

    W. Llewelyn Williams.

  • His grandfather, Nathaniel, was one of the earliest settlers of Pomfret, in 1704.

    Tea Leaves


  • On August 3rd she left Skipton, arriving at Pomfret on the 5th.

    In Convent Walls

    Emily Sarah Holt

  • His mother was one of them white-livered Lulls, from Pomfret.

  • But Mrs. Pomfret did not give the signal for her coachman to drive on.

British Dictionary definitions for pomfret




  1. a small black rounded confection of liquoriceAlso called: Pontefract cake
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Word Origin for pomfret

C19: from Pomfret, earlier form of Pontefract, where the cake was originally made


  1. any of various fishes of the genus Stromateidae of the Indian and Pacific oceans: valued as food fishes
  2. any of various scombroid fishes, esp Brama raii, of northern oceans: valued as food fishes
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Word Origin for pomfret

C18: perhaps from a diminutive form of Portuguese pampo
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