[ puhm-uh l, pom- ]
/ ˈpʌm əl, ˈpɒm- /


a knob, as on the hilt of a sword.
the protuberant part at the front and top of a saddle.
Architecture. a spherical ornament or finial.
Gymnastics. either of the two curved handles on the top surface of a side horse.

verb (used with object), pom·meled, pom·mel·ing or (especially British) pom·melled, pom·mel·ling.

to beat or strike with or as if with the fists or a pommel.

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Also pummel.

Origin of pommel

1300–50; (noun) Middle English pomel < Middle French, derivative of Old French pom hilt of a sword < Latin pōmum fruit; see pome, -elle

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British Dictionary definitions for pommel


/ (ˈpʌməl, ˈpɒm-) /


the raised part on the front of a saddle
a knob at the top of a sword or similar weapon

verb -mels, -melling or -melled or US -mels, -meling or -meled

a less common word for pummel

Word Origin for pommel

C14: from Old French pomel knob, from Vulgar Latin pōmellum (unattested) little apple, from Latin pōmum apple

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Word Origin and History for pommel



mid-13c., "ornamental knob;" c.1300, "knob at the end of a sword hilt," from Old French pomel (12c., Modern French pommeau), "rounded knob," diminutive of pom "hilt of a sword," from Late Latin pomellum, diminutive of Latin pomum "apple" (see Pomona), the connecting notion being "roundness." Sense of "front peak of a saddle" first recorded mid-15c. In Middle English poetry it also sometimes meant a woman's breast. The gymnast's pommel horse is attested from 1908.

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