[ pond ]
/ pɒnd /


a body of water smaller than a lake, sometimes artificially formed, as by damming a stream.

verb (used without object)

(especially of water) to collect into a pond or large puddle: to prevent rainwater from ponding on the roof.

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Origin of pond

1250–1300; Middle English ponde, pande, akin to Old English pynding dam, gepyndan to impound. See pound3

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British Dictionary definitions for pond


/ (pɒnd) /


  1. a pool of still water, often artificially created
  2. (in combination)a fishpond

Word Origin for pond

C13 ponde enclosure; related to pound ³

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Word Origin and History for pond



c.1300 (mid-13c. in compounds), "artificially banked body of water," variant of pound "enclosed place" (see pound (n.2)). Applied locally to natural pools and small lakes from late 15c. Jocular reference to "the Atlantic Ocean" dates from 1640s. Pond scum (Spirogyra) is from 1864 (also called frog-spittle and brook-silk. As figurative for "someone extremely repulsive," from 1984.

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Science definitions for pond


[ pŏnd ]

An inland body of standing water that is smaller than a lake. Natural ponds form in small depressions and are usually shallow enough to support rooted vegetation across most or all of their areas.
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Idioms and Phrases with pond


see big fish in a small pond; little frog in a big pond.

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