/ pɒnt /


  1. (in South Africa) a river ferry, esp one that is guided by a cable from one bank to the other

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Word History and Origins

Origin of pont1

C17: from Dutch: ferryboat, punt 1; reintroduced through Afrikaans in 19th or 20th century

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Example Sentences

In March 1996, just two months after the shooting death of Schultz, a team of defense psychiatrists interviewed Du Pont.

The du Pont family descended from Huguenot nobility in Burgundy, emigrating to the United States in 1800.

Fatherless and emotionally needy, du Pont was a loner who sought companionship and adoration—usually at great financial cost.

“When I first met du Pont, I thought he was the biggest loser on Earth,” Mark recently told People.

But one month into the marriage, du Pont began to show signs of trouble.

A procuress then, who lived on the Pont des Tournelles, was visited one day by a knight, who put a ring into her hands.

In one of the wings on the second floor were the apartments of the dowager Marquise de Pont Brillant.

"M. le Marquis de Pont Brillant, madame," replied the groom, with a strong English accent.

Is that large building we see there in the distance the Chteau de Pont Brillant?

A promenade called the mall, shaded by lofty trees, bounds Pont Brillant on the south.





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