[ pop-lit-ee-uh s, pop-li-tee- ]
/ pɒpˈlɪt i əs, ˌpɒp lɪˈti- /

noun, plural pop·lit·e·i [pop-lit-ee-ahy, pop-li-tee-ahy] /pɒpˈlɪt iˌaɪ, ˌpɒp lɪˈti aɪ/. Anatomy.

a thin, flat, triangular muscle in back of the knee, the action of which assists in bending the knee and in rotating the leg toward the body.

Origin of popliteus

1695–1705; < New Latin, equivalent to Latin poplit- (stem of poples) knee joint, back of the knee + -eus -eous
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