[ pop-it ]
/ ˈpɒp ɪt /


Also called poppet valve. Machinery. a rising and falling valve consisting of a disk at the end of a vertically set stem, used in internal-combustion and steam engines.
British Dialect. a term of endearment for a girl or child.
Nautical. any of the vertical timbers bracing the bow or stern of a vessel about to be launched.

Origin of poppet

1300–50; Middle English; earlier form of puppet

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or pop·pet, pop-it

[ pop-it ]
/ ˈpɒp ɪt /


a usually plastic bead that can be connected to or detached from others of the same kind without hooks or clasps, used to form necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Origin of poppit

First recorded in 1955–60; from the verb phrase pop it
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/ (ˈpɒpɪt) /


a term of affection for a small child or sweetheart
Also called: poppet valve a mushroom-shaped valve that is lifted from its seating against a spring by applying an axial force to its stem: commonly used as an exhaust or inlet valve in an internal-combustion engine
nautical a temporary supporting brace for a vessel hauled on land or in a dry dock

Word Origin for poppet

C14: early variant of puppet
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