[ pop-yuh-lar-i-tee ]
/ ˌpɒp yəˈlær ɪ ti /


the quality or fact of being popular.
the favor of the general public or of a particular group of people: His popularity with television audiences is unrivaled.

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Origin of popularity

First recorded in 1540–50, popularity is from the Latin word populāritās a courting of popular favor. See popular, -ity

Related formsnon·pop·u·lar·i·ty, nouno·ver·pop·u·lar·i·ty, nounsem·i·pop·u·lar·i·ty, noun

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"fact or condition of being beloved by the people," c.1600, from French popularité (15c.), from popular + -ity. Classical Latin popularitas meant "fellow-citizenship." Popularity contest is from 1880.

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